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  • Ride Overview
  • This is the perfect mix of adventure & luxury! After the horsemanship clinic your journey begins with your Trek leader, Jorge Sauma, a local Natural Horseman whose extensive knowledge and connections will get you deep inside the real culture of Costa Rica for a truly authentic experience. Unbelievable meals, well-cared for and reliable horses with exceptionally smooth gaits, incredible scenery and secluded beaches to gallop along are just a few of the highlights.
    The trip will feature a variety of acommodations, including a Beach House and a 5-Star Resort, with lots of time to ride and play on the beach with your horse. Your luggage will be waiting to meet you at each destination. Ride through jungles, swim in estuaries, see howler monkeys, dive into lagoons & waterfalls, enjoy fresh piña coladas and soak up the sun & surf at each stop. The Riders of the Sun Trek takes you on a spectacular journey through exclusive parts of Costa Rica not seen by many tourists… full of the natural beauty unique to the Nicoya Peninsula.
    The journey begins at a lovely ranch in the valley of the historical La Mansión, in the district of Nicoya -a small agricultural village settled in 1891 by a group of 100 families led by Antonio Maceo. Before heading out on the Nicoya Eco/Beach Trek, you will stay in a beautifully restored hacienda, meet your horse, and take part in a 2-day horsemanship clinic. As well as developing the partnership between you and your horse, this clinic will prepare you for riding out on trails and handling your horse in the variety of situations you will encounter over the next six days.
    On the first day of the Trek we will head down to the coast, the horses will be trucked to the beautiful, 5-star resort of Punta Islita, in the southern part of Nandayure. The following days will be spent on the pristine and lonely beaches of Corozalito, Bejuco, Jabilla & San Miguel before arriving at the intimate boutique resort, Playa Caletas. Part of the trek has challenging features and the Costa Rican horses will impress you with their sure-footed and calm abilities.
  • Itinerary

    You’ll be picked up from the Liberia International Airport in a private shuttle and driven 1hr to La Grama Farm in the town of La Mansión de Nicoya. Relax in the beautifully restored Costa Rican Hacienda and meet the horses! Take this day to kick back and relax, get to know your fellow adventurers and enjoy some unbelievable meals and drinks. This is where you’ll spend the next 3 days of your adventure!

    You’ll be paired with your Trek horse and equipment today and given plenty of time to make sure everything is ready for your horsemanship clinic & Trek. Spend the day getting to know your horse and explore the ranch.


    Horsemanship Clinic at the Ranch – Exact times will de defined by the instructor.


    We will load the horses on the truck for their transport to Punta Islita 5 star resort, where they will spend the next 2 nights. We will depart from La Grama Farm in our private van and visit the charming town of Hojancha (broad-leaf): a village which leads in the change from farming & cattle to reforestation & land protection. We will also visit the Monte Alto Natural Reserve which today boasts over 800 hectares of protected forest that started with an effort from the local villagers to preserve a critical water resource, which is now the main water supply for the towns of Nosara, Samara and many others. We’ll then head down towards the little town of Islita and have a tasty lunch at Boqueria don Ramiro, the best local restaurant. After settling in the beautiful villas, we’ll go for a sunset ride, climbing some hills to enjoy spectacular views of the bay, and while the sun is descending into slumber, the beach will take us back to the hotel.


    This is the day to enjoy the beautiful Punta Islita resort and all its amenities. There are plenty of activities to choose from: the spa, macaw tour, kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, or simply just taking a book and soaking up the energy and sorroundings. The local cooks will prepare your meals right at the house.
    We will also visit the towers, a beautiful spot on top of the highest hill around, where you can enjoy a spectacular, 360 degree view.
    The horses will be available at any time to play and ride on the beach, just let us know what your plan is and we’ll get them ready. Or just make your way down to the resort pool, where the friendly bartender will fix you up fresh cocktails while you watch yet another breathtaking sunset.


    Departure times will depend on the tides. We will have a leisurely ride along the beach & play in the waves with the horses for a few hours before arriving at Playa Corozalito for lunch. Then we will head towards the secluded beaches of Playa Bejuco, where riders can gallop in the sand and surf for more great photos. We then have to cross an estuary to reach a privately owned beach house in Playa San Miguel, where we´ll spend the next three nigths. Enjoy another unforgettable sunset while playing with your horse on the beach, or just relaxing on a hammock right on the sand.


    Again, our departure time will depend on the tide. After a 2 hour ride down yet another secluded beach, we find ourselves at Playa Caletas. This unique boutique hotel is located where the Coyote River meets the sea, and we’ll cross another estuary to reach it. There will be lots of time for swimming in the ocean and/or the pool. Take time to play with your horse in the estuaries, which are quite wide but shallow enough to easily swim or wade across horseback, depending on the tide. This is one of the best places for riding bareback and capturing amazing sunset picture.


    Another full day at our beach house in Playa San Miguel: seize it between riding horses on the beach and/or just enjoying this magical spot.


    After spending the morning and afternoon enjoying our last day at the beach, we will take the horses back to Caletas, in order for them to be loaded again on the truck for their return to La Grama ranch.
    We’ll take our private van back to La Grama as well for a nice dinner and rest from our trip.
    Next morning after breakfast we’ll head to the airport or any other destination… if you’ve chosen to stick around alluring Costa Rica.

  • Trip Dates & Pricing
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    Private accommodations may be available at some locations for an additional charge. Let us know in advance if you are interested in this option and we can get exact costs to you where this is available. The regular Trek cost include transport to and from the airport, all lodging, meals and snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, the clinic, horses, tack and bilingual guides.

    The only things not included are alcohol and certain extra activities you may wish to do at Punta Islita, such as a spa day, Quad rental or kayaking.
    We only ride on the dry, sunny weather months of Guanacaste, from December through April.

    It is a very customized experience, we get fully booked ahead of time. Reserve your spot early for the coming season!

    Are you ready to ride into the Sun?

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