Riders of the Sun - 6 Days

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Duration: 8 Days
Price: $ 2500.00
Availability: 8

Ride Overview

This is the perfect mix of adventure, nature & luxury! Your journey begins with your Trek leader, Jorge Sauma, a local farmer and horse enthusiast whose extensive knowledge and connections will get you deep inside the real culture of Costa Rica for a truly authentic experience. Unbelievable meals, well cared for and reliable horses with exceptionally smooth gaits, incredible scenery and secluded beaches to gallop along are just a few of the highlights.

The trip will feature a variety of accommodations, including a Mountain Eco Lodge, 5 Star Resort and beatiful beach houses. Your luggage will be waiting to meet you at each destination. We will ride through jungles, swim in estuaries, see howler monkeys, dive into lagoons & waterfalls and soak up the sun & surf as we go all the way from the ranch to the beach. This multiday trek takes you on a spectacular journey through exclusive parts of Costa Rica not seen by many tourists, and is full of the natural beauty unique to the Nicoya Peninsula.

The journey begins at a lovely ranch in the valley of the historical La Mansión, in the district of Nicoya -a small agricultural village settled in 1891 by a group of 100 families led by Antonio Maceo. Before heading out on the Original Sabanero Horse Trek, you will stay in a beautifully restored hacienda. We will dedicate the first day to introduce you to your horse and ride around our ranch, as a preparation for riding out on trails and handling your horse in the variety of situations you’ll encounter over the next days.

On the first day of the Trek we will head through the mountains to Hojancha (broad-leaf), a village that has been the leader in the change from farming & cattle, to reforestation and land protection, as evidenced by the many tree farms that we pass along the way. From there we will head down to the coast, through the small town of San Pedro, towards the southern part of Nandayure. The following days will be spent on the pristine and lonely beaches of Corozalito, Bejuco, Jabilla & San Miguel before arriving at the intimate boutique resort, Playa Caletas. Parts of the Trek have challenging features and the Costa Rican horses will impress you with their surefooted and calm abilities.

What includes:

Horse & tack
All lodging and meals (except last 2 dinners at the beach)
Drinks & Snacks
Transport to and from Liberia Int. Airport (LIR)
Bilingual local guide


We will pick you up at the Liberia International Airport, (or at your hotel) and take you to La Grama Ranch located in the cowboy country of the peninsula of Nicoya. When you arrive you will enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our fabulous cook Zeidy. You will meet the horses and we will take the time this afternoon to fit you to the saddle that works both for you and the horse. You will have the chance to ride in the ring to make sure that we match you to a horse that is perfect for your riding ability. We have horses for all riding abilities so whether you are a beginner or an expert rider we can assure you a ride that you will enjoy.  You can then spend the rest of the afternoon resting and enjoying the ranch. Recover from the jet lag by enjoying the warm tropical breezes as you rest in a hammock spotting tucans in the nearby trees. Dont be surprised if you also see and hear howler monkeys making their way through their days as well, as this is their natural habitat.

We will load the horses on the truck for their transport to Punta Islita 5 star resort, where they will spend the next 2 nights. We will depart from La Grama Farm in our private van and visit the charming town of Hojancha (broad-leaf): a village which leads in the change from farming & cattle to reforestation & land protection. We will also visit the Monte Alto Natural Reserve which today boasts over 800 hectares of protected forest that started with an effort from the local villagers to preserve a critical water resource, which is now the main water supply for the towns of Nosara, Samara and many others. We’ll then head down towards the little town of Islita and have a tasty lunch at Boqueria don Ramiro, the best local restaurant. After settling in the beautiful villas, we’ll go for a sunset ride, climbing some hills to enjoy spectacular views of the bay, and while the sun is descending into slumber, the beach will take us back to the hotel

Breakfast served at the Hotel Restaurant until 10:30 am. This is the day to enjoy the beautiful Punta Islita resort and all its amenities and activities available, like the twilight zip lining (included, kayaking, spa, surfing, visit the red macaw rescue center, or bring a good book and soak up some rays. Your local cook will prepare your meals right at the house. After lunch, we will go for a beautiful sunset ride (optional). Tonight we will go out to Boqueria don Ramiro for dinner, the food is amazing and is always fun to meet the locals. 

Exact departure time will depend on the tide, but we will make and afternoon ride for about 1,5 hours before arriving at Playa Corozalito. We will continue along the coast and into Playa Bejuco, a secluded paradise far off the beaten track,  where riders who wish to can gallop in the sand and surf for more great photos. We then have to cross an estuary at the end of the beach to reach a privately owned beach house in Playa San Miguel, where we’ll spend the next two nights. Enjoy the cool ocean breeze and a delicious meal served at the house terrace. The horses will stay in a pasture right in front of our house.

After a good night sleep hearing the ocean, we will spend the day riding down the beach of Playa San Miguel, that strechtes for approximately 6 miles along the Pacific Ocean, a beatiful spot where we can get to enjoy the beach and our horses in relative solitude, almost feels like you were on our own private plot of seaside land. Ride across the estuary and arrive to Costa de Oro beach, and check out the sea turtle conservation project operation. All meals will be served at the house, right by the ocean.Try authentic Costa Rican cuisine served by dona Dominga, a local and native to this little town who has been cooking for visitors for over 30 years

After another great breakfast by the ocean, we will go on our last ride on the beach. The horses will be loaded at noon to return to the farm. We will take our private van and visit Playa Samara for lunch. This is a more developed and touristic town, where you can find some souvenirs to take home. There are many good restaurants and bars alongside the beach. After lunch, we will take you back to the airport or hotel. We can also help you arrange transportation to any other destination if you have decided to stick around Costa Rica a few more days. 
Thanks for riding with us!