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We offer multi-day horse back riding vacations that will take you on a spectacular journey through exclusive parts of Costa Rica not seen by many tourists, and full of the natural beauty unique to the province of Guanacaste, home of the “Sabanero”, the local Word to describe a cowboy.

Owned and operated by Jorge Sauma, a local Natural Horseman whose extensive knowledge and connections will bring you deep inside the real culture of Costa Rica for a truly authentic experience.

Our relationship with horses and our handling and training practices are based on the principles of Natural horsemanship. Respecting and understanding the nature of the horse, how they think and how they learn, communicating with them through their mind, in their language, is our way of developing a soft, respectful and responsive horse. Quality horsemanship is what we strive for.

Well cared for and well trained, reliable horses, are our number one priority. We deliver a very exclusive and authentic experience, for horse people who will appreciate and enjoy a solid and educated partner on the trail.

So scratch it off the bucket list! We look forward to meeting you and sharing the ride!


About Jorge


My family has always been involved with ranching and therefore, horseback riding . My grandfathers on both sides owned agriculture and livestock operations. This family tradition continued my father and my father in law. I grew up in a big family of 4 boys 4 girls. We all liked riding when we were children, so we spent our vacations riding horses at the farm. We also rode a lot outside the farm, just touring around and visiting new places, looking for a good river to swim, or visiting the neighbors farm. I really loved it. And I am still very passionate about exploring the country-side on Horseback.  I enjoy the time spent with the horse, as well as the time spent with the guest riders while they experience the wonderful nature and coast line that we have in Costa Rica.

It all started back in 2012 when a friend asked me if I could take a group of tourists from the mountains down to the beach on horseback.  I readied my best horses, designed and checked a route, made some contacts along the way and worked out the logistics. What an amazing trek we had! The days were filled with riding through the mountains, crossing estuaries, cantering down deserted beaches and swimming with the horses in the sea. The evenings followed with comfortable lodging, great food and drink and beautiful sunsets. The fun and friendly locals along the way were surprised by the uncommon, large group of tourists on a horse on horseback. The riders were all greatly impressed and they all left wanting to come back, so that was the start. Since then, with the help and support of my wife Melissa and returning customers, in a continous improvement process on the horses, the facilities, the logistics, the itineraries, and many other details,  we were ready to take the step, and Sabanero Horse Ventures was borned.


Look forward share the ride and our culture with you!

2017/2018 Trail Rides:

The Original

Mountains and Beach: the perfect mix of adventure and luxury.

Riders of The Sun

Beach only: a full week of horses and beach. Design for those who want relaxation and horse time on the beach.