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Meet the Sabanero Horseventures team!

Everyone at Sabanero Horseventures is a lifelong horse enthusiast with many years of horse experience and a dedication to Natural Horsemanship. Each and every one is a horse owner who has studied under several recognized clinicians in the field of Natural Horsemanship. Their style of horse training adheres to the underlying and universal pricipals of Natural Horsemanship, which build mutual respect between horse and rider and cultivate a willing and responsive horse.

Jorge Sauma: Owner of Sabanero Horseventures

jorgeJorge was born in Costa Rica to a ranching family, his grandfathers on both sides owned agricultural and livestock operations. He grew up in a big family and spent his childhood riding horses with his brothers, sisters and cousins. His passion for horses filled him with the desire to be a horse trainer. So when an older cousin invited  Jorge to visit him in the United States offering to teach Jorge “something you should know about horses, very different from what you are used to in Costa Rica”. The then teenage Jorge jumped on the opportunity. His cousin introduced him to the Parelli Natural Horsemanship program and other natural horsemanship clinicians. Jorge spent his days learning, watching videos, and working with horses. Even at this young age he was already starting colts and helping people with their horses.  He attended a Ray Hunt clinic that convinced him to dedicate himself to learning to communicate with horses.  He returned to Costa Rica and applied all that knowledge and new techniques to the many family owned ranch horses.

Throughout his life he has continued to make trips back  to the USA to gain more knowledge. He has attended clinics with Buck Brannaman and Chris Cox. He has also organized clinics and spent time in Costa Rica with Natural Horsemanship trainers and instructors, Glenn Stewart, Chris Cox, Cal Middlelton, Chico Ramirez, Micaela Love,  and Fawn Anderson. He continues to invite and host Natural Horsemanship trainers and instructors at his ranch in Guanacaste. For more information on the upcoming Sabanero Natual Horsemanship events please visit our clinics page.


Margot Van der Plaats: Wrangler

Margot grew up in Utrecht, The Netherlands. She went to college and graduated with a degree in Speech and Language Pathology in 1990. Margot loved horses from a young age and spent many hours in the barn, cleaning stalls, grooming horses and riding. She started her first formal lessons when she was 8 years old in the Netherlands.

In 1990 she moved to Costa Rica with her husband. Margot now lives in Heredia with her family and a small herd of 3 horses. After learning about horses the traditional way, she discovered Natural Horsemanship and participated in several clinics with Alejandra Gonzales, David Lichman, Fawn Anderson and Honza Blaha. She studied Natural Horsemanship for several weeks with David Lichman in Sacramento, California in April 2014 and 4 weeks with Fawn Anderson in Ocala in 2015.

Margot has worked as a host and wrangler for Sabanero Horseventures since 2012, when the first Trek was organised. She wants humans and horses to be comfortable, safe and happy.


Elizabeth Hawkins: Wrangler

Elizabeth rode horses as a child in the United States, but the techniques used in competative training and riding did not agree with her. When she moved to a small mountain village in Costa Rica from Hawaii in 2003 she was gifted a horse and shortly thereafter she was lucky to attend a Natural Horsemanship clinic with Frank Bell. It was here that she saw a “join up” for the first time and learned the basics of Natural Horsemanship. When even this small introduction made such positive change in her relationship with her horse she knew she needed to know more. She turned to the Parelli system of Natural Horsemanship. Since that day she has hosted over 12 Parelli Natural Horsemanship clinics at her farm in Puriscal including Parelli Professionals David Lichman, Terry Sprague, Nita Jo Rush, Susan Nelson, Maurice Thibault and Julia Bell. Elizabeth delights in riding long distances and has explored much of Costa Rica’s back country by horseback. She was instrumental in developing the first Sabanero Horseventures trek to the beach.

Jorge, Margot and Elizabeth are all bilingual and speak fluent English and Spanish (or in Margot’s case, multilingual) and enjoy translating and sharing the Costa Rican culutre with you. Jorge provides a unique window into his home country and Margot and Elizabeth have come to love this beautiful country and call Costa Rica their home.
The combination of Natural Horsemanship and culture makes for a riding vacation unique to the rest.
 We look forward to sharing our love of  Natrual Horsemanship and the Costa Rican Culture and Nature with you!